Barcamp Delhi 05

Barcamp is an event organized by the Barcampers at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Apologies if I missed on some of the places. This was my second attendance to Barcamp. One was @Amity Business School, Nodia. Logically speaking, there remains a lot of thing which we miss on a day to day basis even if you tend to be in stream with the technology or any kind of information. Be it over the web or in person.



Barcamp is one such event where you can meet the real good informative people :). Information comes from sharing and you cant get the better place than this.


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Google Chrome!

The Big shot is back again. What we call Google is now into one more web tool namely a browser. Chrome (a newly launched browser by Google) has covered the market of 1% in a single day. Well it is playing upon the statistics or its just a fame of a name behind it? Nobody knows. But check it out. It has some great features.

One of them i noticed is that, in other browsers, when a site stops responding, then it hangs up and nothing can be done. When you end that tab the whole browser closes. But, with Chrome it only closes the tab which has stopped responding. So you cant loose track on your browsing sites. Isnt that amazing..???

Well, your comments are welcome here ! 🙂




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Lessons for Web-based startups

Kyle Brady’s wonderful blog as to why do Web Startups fail.

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“Corporate Culture” and “Upcoming Entrepreneurs”

How is a corporate culture drafted? How one manages it? and how one comes out of it?

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Greenolution here means bringing green revolution. Let us start thinking about greenolution with the basics. We keep ourselves clean. We maintain our home clean. Oh! one would say what a dumb idea. Everyone keeps themselves and their home clean!. Exactly, When we talk about keeping our home clean, it is our responsibility to keep our country clean. Let us not restrict ourselves to a smaller geography, but think as a citizen of the world and take an opportunity to join the revolution which can again make our Earth (the most beautiful planet of the solar system) beautiful from within.

The whole idea is to keep the world clean, plantation of trees, making ourself responsible not to throw the waste at unwanted places and make our beautiful planet a “Dustbin”. Instead, engage ourself in taking a step forward and stop what is happening!.

I realized my importance, my identity, my beautiful planet and took an oath not to be responsible in this annihilation, but, try to make this place (the world) more beautiful than heaven where even gods would like to reside.

So join this revolution and take the step forward to spread the word.

Together we can and we will make the difference!

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Fallacy of Truth!

Dont ask my motto for writing this post. Dont even ask why i thought like this. But, the fact is, i thought that way. Its my inference. I inferred, so i wrote. Truth is always supported by a lie, and a lie is always supported by the truth. They might be the antonyms of eachother, but actually they are inter-related. There were ages, when people discarded the person who speak lies. And now this is the age when, the people who speaks truth is being discarded. No one actually believes him. He speaks the right thing in a right meaning, but is never accepted. The reason being only one. The world is suffering from a deadly syndrome, incurable disease and losing the immunity with the same called Jealously, Betrayals, Selfishness and pretention.

A dog named ‘EGO’ bites them all. Followed by a hound called ‘GREED’. Situtation is becoming worse. It is losing the immunity of being ‘PURE’. Purity itself is losing the meaning out of it. Its all about pretention. A person is different to his friend, his family, his wife and his spouse. Each and everyone has his different story. He has lot many faces. So that, he can hide them all showing the one. He pretends that he is speaking the truth. Actually he is lying. Lying to get the truth out of something.

Truth, actually is losing  the polish which is suppose to make it shine. Its becoming dull!

 So, there is a counterpart in truth and a counterpart in falsity !

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Comparing Google and Wiki

Here we are comparing the best search engine in the world (Usage approx. 64% of all the search engines used) and world’s largest content producer. When you compare these two sites for a particular content you are looking for on the internet, one gives you the search results for the existing pages on the internet, which actually would divert you to the particular content, and the other will give you the content itself.


Here comes the difference between both. Google, due to its search quality and optimization will give you the best results with huge no. of pages or contents from various websites. This means, lots of contents on the topic you search for and lots of knowledge. On the other hand Wiki will give you the results which is understandable, interepretable and acceptable by many people on the globe. Also you can add your word to the content if you are aware about the things which is not present in the content.

Google provides you the real time information search. If you look out for live cricket scores, it will show you the results. Might be because it has index to the newly or recently created pages on the internet, but yes, you get the best. On the other hand Wiki gives you majorly the historical information or the content. This is because, the content is created by the users and the net savvy or information savvy people on the planet. They can write on something when they become aware of something. Might be the case that people writing the content on the Wiki may have referred to Google. But still, if this is the scenario, then Wiki actually would be a core rival for google.

Adding to the conversation, Wiki has an upper hand when it comes to searching the information in the office, school or the college, where majority of the sites are blocked by the cyberroam or the firewall. You cannot divert for the searched content on the google to other sites, but you can surf and get the content on Wiki readily.

These were my inferences on both the giants. As and when i infer more, i will keep adding to the conversation.


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