Comparing Traffic Signals and Cigarettes

December 17, 2007 at 10:19 pm Leave a comment

I would like to begin this article by saluting today’s technological advancement, which controls the ever-rising population across the globe. In regards to this, you can see a traffic signal normally at each and every crossing in the city. For the non-metropolitan and non-cosmopolitan cities, these traffic signals actually serve a lot to the people and the body controlling the traffic. Now, on the other side, the situation becomes entirely different with the densely population cities

Metropolitan and huge cities have traffic signals with sensors. To some extent it does help in controlling the traffic, too, but if we think on this matter positively, there exists no difference between cigarettes and the traffic signals.

As per the findings, and what statics says, addiction to cigarettes eats 8 minutes of your life/cigarette. Well, this means that if one smokes 3 cigarettes a day, his life cuts short by 15 minutes. On the other part, our ever rising signals acts exactly like the cigarettes. Difference being that it has its positive side too. Coming back on these traffic signals, suppose the distance between your office and house is 10kms on an average in huge cities. Within this 10 kms range, on an average if we take into account 5-6 signals, 120 seconds each (2 minutes), then a single one-way trip from home to your office kills 10-12 minutes of your daily time which actually is not invested anywhere and apart from this what you get is a smoke and the dust which actually is more harmful than a cigarette.

Well, the intention of writing this article is not to appreciate smoking activity and increase the intake of cigarettes, but to make every layman understand this calculation, re-invent something and think of saving the precious time of an individual which he spends on the traffic signals.

At last, a salute to the technology of the world and the technology developers who are aiming at making the life of people better.

Hope always drives you forward and here we have the one.


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