Not a Critic but a Fact !

January 15, 2008 at 9:59 am Leave a comment

There are recent talks going on for the latest and the cheapest car made available in the world now by Mr. Ratan Naval Tata. Well, the whole world might be thinking about the cheapest car that will be running on the road shortly.


Now here i would like to consider two issues:

1) Maintenance cost
2) Unavailability of proper infrastucture

1) Maintenance cost
This car has an engine on back side and a luggage space on the front side. Now the parts of the car might be different from the other tata makes. So will those parts be readily available to the customers? Will they charge more for the maintenance parts?

2) Unavailability of the proper infrastucture
Think about each and every person in India moving on a two wheeler on the road. Lets take an example of Delhi. So many traffice jams. So many accidents. So many time consuming signals. Now with a launch of such a cheaply available car, and with the increase in standard of living, we can see the scenario even getting worse. Lets take an example of people driving pulsar. Pulsar is available at a price of 70k to 80k. Now rather than purchasing pulsar, one could invest more and buy Nano, so just think that instead of no. of pulsars moving on the road, there will be cars moving. Do we have the infrastructure to support this kind of scenario?

Now does this question started revolving in your mind?

Credits- The image of the Tata Nano car has been uploaded from


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