Another low segment car to be launched !

January 18, 2008 at 10:38 am Leave a comment

After Mr. Ratan Naval Tata, its now the turn of yet another Chairperson Mr. Keshub Mahindra, chairman, Mahindra & Mahindra to launch yet another low segment car.

Now, again i would like to point out few points relating this two creations:

1) Which brand is more trusted?

2) Which brand has a better interior?

3) Which brand will give the better mileage?

4) Which brand has better looks?

Taking them one by one,

1) Which brand is more trusted?

 Now there are two categories of people in India. One category of them believe that Tata who actually owns even a tea bags made by them is more relying brand. Other category of people believe that as there is a foreign venture into Mahindra so with the luxury issues, advancement issues and mileage issues it might have an edge over ‘Nano’.

2) Which brand has better interior?

With the look and feel of mahindra cars and tata cars, one can guess which one will be better.

3) Which car will give better mileage?

Tata might have an edge over it.

4) Which brand has better looks?

Comparing the two models, Mahindra renault has built the car with more of a glass into its body. This might solve its profitability issue too. Because much of the price reduction might come from the less usage of the aluminium and plastic body into it, which actually has to undergo special denting process. While Tata Nano has a simple look but yes, looking at it, it seems to be a safer car to travel in.

 Well, these are the predictions and facts regarding these two cars, but lets see what the mass thinks about it and which make is actually going to boom the low segment.


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