Stages affect your life !

January 25, 2008 at 8:52 am Leave a comment

Each and everything in the world has a cycle which it has to go through. There are certain stages through which it has to pass. Likewise every person also has to pass through various stages of life. (Mind it, here i am not talking about the physical changes which a person goes through, but about imbibing certain things and certain changes in your innerselves.

A person carries a habbit of something during college days. He might have lived a different atmosphere but when he is shifting altogether in a new environment, he needs to change. He has to change according to the environment, or as per the wish of other people. Now here, i would like to question two things.

1) Should one change as per other people’s wish, even if he feels uncomfortable when people dont respect him?

2) Should one change because he wants to improve upon himself and lead a better life?

Guys here i have my own scenario, and i am feeling it difficult to figure out what actually should be the reason of change? prior to this, should i change? And if at all i am changing myself, to what extent? Extent, actually is important here. because, if a person is changing himself to the full extent, then he might lose the good qualities along with changing himself completely. Which actually i am losing.

I have noted, actually noted it quite closely i have been through this phase of change in couple of months back, but even after changing, i actually am gaining nothing. I am not able to speak bitter words, not able to give a sharp reply back, which i was able to previously, but instead, i am becoming a literal fool of myself. People didnt had guts to talk about my personal life previously, but now they have. I think i am landing myself in a pathetic situation. And, the situation is becoming so serious that if it persists for some amount of time, I would end up being a total introvert. When one gives respect to someone, he expects the same in return. This law is breaking for me. And if the chain loses or is torn apart, the rope tying to the nerves of my brain might get apart.

So, certain stages, do affect your life.


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