Comparing Google and Wiki

January 30, 2008 at 3:45 am Leave a comment

Here we are comparing the best search engine in the world (Usage approx. 64% of all the search engines used) and world’s largest content producer. When you compare these two sites for a particular content you are looking for on the internet, one gives you the search results for the existing pages on the internet, which actually would divert you to the particular content, and the other will give you the content itself.


Here comes the difference between both. Google, due to its search quality and optimization will give you the best results with huge no. of pages or contents from various websites. This means, lots of contents on the topic you search for and lots of knowledge. On the other hand Wiki will give you the results which is understandable, interepretable and acceptable by many people on the globe. Also you can add your word to the content if you are aware about the things which is not present in the content.

Google provides you the real time information search. If you look out for live cricket scores, it will show you the results. Might be because it has index to the newly or recently created pages on the internet, but yes, you get the best. On the other hand Wiki gives you majorly the historical information or the content. This is because, the content is created by the users and the net savvy or information savvy people on the planet. They can write on something when they become aware of something. Might be the case that people writing the content on the Wiki may have referred to Google. But still, if this is the scenario, then Wiki actually would be a core rival for google.

Adding to the conversation, Wiki has an upper hand when it comes to searching the information in the office, school or the college, where majority of the sites are blocked by the cyberroam or the firewall. You cannot divert for the searched content on the google to other sites, but you can surf and get the content on Wiki readily.

These were my inferences on both the giants. As and when i infer more, i will keep adding to the conversation.



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