Fallacy of Truth!

February 1, 2008 at 7:25 am Leave a comment

Dont ask my motto for writing this post. Dont even ask why i thought like this. But, the fact is, i thought that way. Its my inference. I inferred, so i wrote. Truth is always supported by a lie, and a lie is always supported by the truth. They might be the antonyms of eachother, but actually they are inter-related. There were ages, when people discarded the person who speak lies. And now this is the age when, the people who speaks truth is being discarded. No one actually believes him. He speaks the right thing in a right meaning, but is never accepted. The reason being only one. The world is suffering from a deadly syndrome, incurable disease and losing the immunity with the same called Jealously, Betrayals, Selfishness and pretention.

A dog named ‘EGO’ bites them all. Followed by a hound called ‘GREED’. Situtation is becoming worse. It is losing the immunity of being ‘PURE’. Purity itself is losing the meaning out of it. Its all about pretention. A person is different to his friend, his family, his wife and his spouse. Each and everyone has his different story. He has lot many faces. So that, he can hide them all showing the one. He pretends that he is speaking the truth. Actually he is lying. Lying to get the truth out of something.

Truth, actually is losing  the polish which is suppose to make it shine. Its becoming dull!

 So, there is a counterpart in truth and a counterpart in falsity !


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