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Greenolution here means bringing green revolution. Let us start thinking about greenolution with the basics. We keep ourselves clean. We maintain our home clean. Oh! one would say what a dumb idea. Everyone keeps themselves and their home clean!. Exactly, When we talk about keeping our home clean, it is our responsibility to keep our country clean. Let us not restrict ourselves to a smaller geography, but think as a citizen of the world and take an opportunity to join the revolution which can again make our Earth (the most beautiful planet of the solar system) beautiful from within.

The whole idea is to keep the world clean, plantation of trees, making ourself responsible not to throw the waste at unwanted places and make our beautiful planet a “Dustbin”. Instead, engage ourself in taking a step forward and stop what is happening!.

I realized my importance, my identity, my beautiful planet and took an oath not to be responsible in this annihilation, but, try to make this place (the world) more beautiful than heaven where even gods would like to reside.

So join this revolution and take the step forward to spread the word.

Together we can and we will make the difference!

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