“Corporate Culture” and “Upcoming Entrepreneurs”

August 13, 2008 at 5:06 am Leave a comment

“Corporate Culture”, Have you ever heard this word before? I guess you had. As such, corporation means, “Association of individuals under the authority of Law”. And the irony lies in itself. There are people who create laws and there are people who break them.

Relationship in an Organization changes every day. I have seen it happening! A so called Foe of yesterday becomes the most trusted one of the present and future is always yet to come. Knowledge is sometimes weighted by relationships.

The following formulae manages it:

Your appraisal value = Knowledge * Relationship.

If there are two people on the same platform then the following formulae is used:

Your appraisal value = Knowledge * Relationship/flattering counter. The smaller you rate on the ratio, the greater is your appraisal value. Isnt it a genuine mathematics? 🙂 Yes, it is!

Such is a culture where, “A gem is thrown out and the marbles collected.”

They are these thrown out gems who grow one day and become the so called “Entrepreneurs”.

These all things are contained within a vicious circle. So better remain out of it and Manage it! You know what I mean.

Be an “Entrepreneur”.


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