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In today’s world, where the world is becoming a smaller place to live, it is becoming a larger place to commute. There is couple of points with which I would like to support this belief.
In daily routine work, we have to spend enough time in the company working for it. This means that we have the time for the company but less time for the family. In such a situation, where, in the companies, chat servers and other chatting softwares are banned, there as to be some medium on the internet through which you can communicate with your family.

One such site which assists you in doing such a thing is ( A startup company, which is created with such a thought and which will be used by many people on the planet.

It is a site which offers a simple signing in facility (taking not much of your time to log-in to the website). Here, you being at the center can actually create your family tree which is displayed in a graphical manner.

This is how it works:

You are the person logged in the website as a starter. Now, you can invite your mom and dad to join your family tree. Thereafter, you can invite your brothers and sisters, your spouses to the family tree and it goes on. At the end you will have a graphical representation of a family tree.

Awesome! Simply a great thought and a great thing to do.

Here you can upload your own photographs and they provide certain gift features to share your photographs online. If you are looking for DVDs and Books then it takes you to (, you can print the uploaded photos from the net, etc. Well, seems to be really helpful!

But, I would like to describe some of the things which should be taken into consideration when you are actually launching a website.

Here are some of the points which should be taken into consideration:

Ease of Use
Fast to surf
Where to target
Features in the website
Should be easily accessible or rather more useful than the competitor websites.
And finally marketing the website on the internet so that you can drive more traffic
I would like to take this point one by one:

Ease of Use

Well, is very easy to use. No doubt on it. But in the front page there actually should be a link provided which speaks about each and every link present on the website. It does, but it’s too heavy for a low bandwidth users. This point ill cover in the next sub-topic.

Now let’s take an example of a website, This site gives you a domain name once you create your family tree.

For e.g.

When you get a domain name or a separate link to your family like this, one can make their homepage more easily accessible to the people, of course only to view. They cannot log-in to the site, except the owner of the family tree.

But information remains readily available.

Fast to surf

The contents and the images used on the website should not be too heavy that it takes time to navigate. So, the heavy usage of flash, high density images should not be there. Again if you think from the user’s perspective that the website takes much time to load, then the user might find himself disinterested to use the site.

Let’s take example of such competitor sites.




These sites are quite fast to surf. You actually feel interested to click on the link and you get the information at one go without waiting.

Where to target and whom to target

Segmentation always is the heart of marketing activity. Where are you going to launch the product and where? Providing a vague idea, visiting user profile page, one can come to know whether a person is living alone, with parents, with room mates, etc. Now, there are lots of other sites available which talks about this information. You can target this kind of people who are living alone, or with the room-mates. An activity like this helps you to refine your search for the customers.

Features in the website

The competitor websites mentioned above has far more extra features from which provides. These all features are available from the front page of the Family tree itself. You should have extra features like Calendar, chat rooms, etc. You can also upload Videos, Music files on to your website. It also portrays daily news on your welcome screen etc. Great! Simply a great thing to do and simply great features.

Should be easily accessible and more useful than the competitor websites

It is all about finding out, how much easy access to the website or information you can provide to your customers compared to your competitor websites. The site in all should be more useful to your customers. i.e. it can be loaded with lots of extra features, might have links to the other useful websites which actually a customer can use.

Marketing the website on the internet so that you can drive more traffic.

This actually should be the heart of all activities. This is the thing from which you actually can earn more customers. More the customers, more the revenue. It is all about making your presence on Internet, so that the people can know you. It drives more traffic to your website.

Well, It was indeed shocking when I started of with a simple google search as if I don’t know the sites which helps me to create my family tree.

The first keyword I searched was: ‘Family tree creating sites’ Shocking, I don’t get a link to anywhere in the top ten links displayed by google.
These are the top three links displayed by google.
Just signup now, add names and instantly create your family tree. If you already have a family tree created elsewhere just import the GEDCOM file. – 9k – Cached – Similar pages provides free family websites, forums, message …

At, you can create a private website just for your family. Creating a website is fun, fast and it’s free! And there’s no trial period to. – 18k – Cached – Similar pages

Family Websites for Free – Photo Albums, Blog, Share, Create …

free family website family reunion website family site watchdog web family tree website a private website for your family build family website create a – 67k – Cached – Similar pages
Well, this should be your first step while you are a start-up company and you want people to know you. Like wise you can feature the ads on various other websites like or similar community websites.

To sum-up I would say that is a nice initiative and I think if it chalks out a strategy to hit the community we could see bright days ahead for kindo as every family wants to stay connected in the age of Web 2.0.


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Investment Scenario

Hereby i would be discussing something about the present scenario of the Indian Market. A week ago Indian Stock exchange (Sensex) traded at the third largest loss approx. Rs. 680. Now such a situation took place due to the major effect of FDI. Again there is a well known proverb that ” A bigger fish always eats the smaller one”. Such is the thing with our stock exchanges too. Today the world has become a smaller place to live, apart from living, it has become a smaller place to trade in too. Every business is interdependent. Smaller companies invest in the bigger companies.

Like this there becomes a whole heirarchy of the business. Now the answer to the question that “Why does a market experience a sudden rise or a fall?” comes here.

All smaller businesses are dependent on the parent company they invest in or they trade with or they are in business with. When such a parent company experiences a great profit or is growing then the smaller businesses associated with it will also grow. This is the time when you see the bull run in the market.

Now, when the same company is going bankrupt, or the business slows down for such a company then the partner smaller business with also be affected. This is the scenario when the market goes into the bear run.

Now discussing about which is the best sector to invest in in the present scenario, my view goes towards the PSU banks.

Banks uptill now have increased the interest rate so higher that now it is nearing the saturation limit. Above which it would be difficult even for the normal being to invest in. Also comes the question of Rupee strengething against a Dollar.

We can forecast a stage with in one year of span when these PSU banks has to lower their interest rates. And this would be the best period when the market for such a sector will boom and you can get the best return on your investments when you invest in them now.

Well this is what i liked to share with you.

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