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“Corporate Culture” and “Upcoming Entrepreneurs”

How is a corporate culture drafted? How one manages it? and how one comes out of it?


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Greenolution here means bringing green revolution. Let us start thinking about greenolution with the basics. We keep ourselves clean. We maintain our home clean. Oh! one would say what a dumb idea. Everyone keeps themselves and their home clean!. Exactly, When we talk about keeping our home clean, it is our responsibility to keep our country clean. Let us not restrict ourselves to a smaller geography, but think as a citizen of the world and take an opportunity to join the revolution which can again make our Earth (the most beautiful planet of the solar system) beautiful from within.

The whole idea is to keep the world clean, plantation of trees, making ourself responsible not to throw the waste at unwanted places and make our beautiful planet a “Dustbin”. Instead, engage ourself in taking a step forward and stop what is happening!.

I realized my importance, my identity, my beautiful planet and took an oath not to be responsible in this annihilation, but, try to make this place (the world) more beautiful than heaven where even gods would like to reside.

So join this revolution and take the step forward to spread the word.

Together we can and we will make the difference!

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Fallacy of Truth!

Dont ask my motto for writing this post. Dont even ask why i thought like this. But, the fact is, i thought that way. Its my inference. I inferred, so i wrote. Truth is always supported by a lie, and a lie is always supported by the truth. They might be the antonyms of eachother, but actually they are inter-related. There were ages, when people discarded the person who speak lies. And now this is the age when, the people who speaks truth is being discarded. No one actually believes him. He speaks the right thing in a right meaning, but is never accepted. The reason being only one. The world is suffering from a deadly syndrome, incurable disease and losing the immunity with the same called Jealously, Betrayals, Selfishness and pretention.

A dog named ‘EGO’ bites them all. Followed by a hound called ‘GREED’. Situtation is becoming worse. It is losing the immunity of being ‘PURE’. Purity itself is losing the meaning out of it. Its all about pretention. A person is different to his friend, his family, his wife and his spouse. Each and everyone has his different story. He has lot many faces. So that, he can hide them all showing the one. He pretends that he is speaking the truth. Actually he is lying. Lying to get the truth out of something.

Truth, actually is losing  the polish which is suppose to make it shine. Its becoming dull!

 So, there is a counterpart in truth and a counterpart in falsity !

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Stages affect your life !

Each and everything in the world has a cycle which it has to go through. There are certain stages through which it has to pass. Likewise every person also has to pass through various stages of life. (Mind it, here i am not talking about the physical changes which a person goes through, but about imbibing certain things and certain changes in your innerselves.

A person carries a habbit of something during college days. He might have lived a different atmosphere but when he is shifting altogether in a new environment, he needs to change. He has to change according to the environment, or as per the wish of other people. Now here, i would like to question two things.

1) Should one change as per other people’s wish, even if he feels uncomfortable when people dont respect him?

2) Should one change because he wants to improve upon himself and lead a better life?

Guys here i have my own scenario, and i am feeling it difficult to figure out what actually should be the reason of change? prior to this, should i change? And if at all i am changing myself, to what extent? Extent, actually is important here. because, if a person is changing himself to the full extent, then he might lose the good qualities along with changing himself completely. Which actually i am losing.

I have noted, actually noted it quite closely i have been through this phase of change in couple of months back, but even after changing, i actually am gaining nothing. I am not able to speak bitter words, not able to give a sharp reply back, which i was able to previously, but instead, i am becoming a literal fool of myself. People didnt had guts to talk about my personal life previously, but now they have. I think i am landing myself in a pathetic situation. And, the situation is becoming so serious that if it persists for some amount of time, I would end up being a total introvert. When one gives respect to someone, he expects the same in return. This law is breaking for me. And if the chain loses or is torn apart, the rope tying to the nerves of my brain might get apart.

So, certain stages, do affect your life.

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Success is dependent on two things – Fate and Fortune

There is a welknown proverb which everyone is aware about. “Fortune favours the brave”. So what will one do after reading this quote? Obviously, be brave and wait for the fortune to support. But, what if person fights bravely and dont succeed? Why has the fortune not supported him for the braveness? Here comes the role of the fate. Fate brings the person to the state where no one can interfere. Interference of fate in your life is important. Important to such an extent that even till the end, both, fortune and your hard work succeeds, but its not in your fate. You actually wont. So believe in both.

There is a wellknown hindi proverb, “Naseeb se zyada, aur taqdir se badhkar, na hi kisiko kuch mila hai aur na milega”.

Its true… Everthing in the end, depends upon the fate.

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Play A Game Called Life

Some or the other things keep coming in my mind. Its a stage in life where you start developing a hobby of playing a particular game. Then comes the vision you have for your family or yourself. You plan a strategy to accomplish the vision you have built. At-last, in the end, the question always revolves around your mind, What do I want to be in my life? What is my career goal?

Well, answer to all these questions and thoughts lies in playing a game called LIFE.

In any game the ultimate motive is to win. Of-course, by right motives and with a sportsman spirit. But playing the games apart from life, is actually just a simulation. The real game according to me is LIFE.

 Lets compare life with a football match. You are always in a hurry to capture a goal in the game, so that you remain one up from the opposition. There are 11 players of the opposite team to compete you in capturing the goal. But you work hard and you ultimately succeed or you do not. Life is just the same as this game. You start it of with a goal in your life. Now there will be plenty of obstacles (Yeah! i literally mean it when i say the word “plenty”). It can be of any kind. Plenty of competition. But, if you got to survive in the game called life, you actually need to play your best. In a game called life, according to me, there is no second chance. You take the second chance and you are down the rank for every chance you miss.

There is nothing like penalty corners in the game of life. There is no passing of the ball. Once it is with you, it is you who has to take the ball to the goal post and make a kick that you should get the goal. Its like you are the only player in the field and opposite team has “plenty”. Of-course, you lose some of the games initially, but when you develop upon your skils which the opposition dont have, you can win it.

Now that is what you call a “GAME OF LIFE”. Either have guts to play it, or lay down your arms. Its upon you to choose how are you going to win it.

Well, I just love playing a game called “LIFE”.

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Comparing Traffic Signals and Cigarettes

I would like to begin this article by saluting today’s technological advancement, which controls the ever-rising population across the globe. In regards to this, you can see a traffic signal normally at each and every crossing in the city. For the non-metropolitan and non-cosmopolitan cities, these traffic signals actually serve a lot to the people and the body controlling the traffic. Now, on the other side, the situation becomes entirely different with the densely population cities

Metropolitan and huge cities have traffic signals with sensors. To some extent it does help in controlling the traffic, too, but if we think on this matter positively, there exists no difference between cigarettes and the traffic signals.

As per the findings, and what statics says, addiction to cigarettes eats 8 minutes of your life/cigarette. Well, this means that if one smokes 3 cigarettes a day, his life cuts short by 15 minutes. On the other part, our ever rising signals acts exactly like the cigarettes. Difference being that it has its positive side too. Coming back on these traffic signals, suppose the distance between your office and house is 10kms on an average in huge cities. Within this 10 kms range, on an average if we take into account 5-6 signals, 120 seconds each (2 minutes), then a single one-way trip from home to your office kills 10-12 minutes of your daily time which actually is not invested anywhere and apart from this what you get is a smoke and the dust which actually is more harmful than a cigarette.

Well, the intention of writing this article is not to appreciate smoking activity and increase the intake of cigarettes, but to make every layman understand this calculation, re-invent something and think of saving the precious time of an individual which he spends on the traffic signals.

At last, a salute to the technology of the world and the technology developers who are aiming at making the life of people better.

Hope always drives you forward and here we have the one.

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