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Barcamp Delhi 05

Barcamp is an event organized by the Barcampers at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Apologies if I missed on some of the places. This was my second attendance to Barcamp. One was @Amity Business School, Nodia. Logically speaking, there remains a lot of thing which we miss on a day to day basis even if you tend to be in stream with the technology or any kind of information. Be it over the web or in person.



Barcamp is one such event where you can meet the real good informative people :). Information comes from sharing and you cant get the better place than this.


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Greenolution here means bringing green revolution. Let us start thinking about greenolution with the basics. We keep ourselves clean. We maintain our home clean. Oh! one would say what a dumb idea. Everyone keeps themselves and their home clean!. Exactly, When we talk about keeping our home clean, it is our responsibility to keep our country clean. Let us not restrict ourselves to a smaller geography, but think as a citizen of the world and take an opportunity to join the revolution which can again make our Earth (the most beautiful planet of the solar system) beautiful from within.

The whole idea is to keep the world clean, plantation of trees, making ourself responsible not to throw the waste at unwanted places and make our beautiful planet a “Dustbin”. Instead, engage ourself in taking a step forward and stop what is happening!.

I realized my importance, my identity, my beautiful planet and took an oath not to be responsible in this annihilation, but, try to make this place (the world) more beautiful than heaven where even gods would like to reside.

So join this revolution and take the step forward to spread the word.

Together we can and we will make the difference!

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Some Golden Rules of Friendship !

How do you define friendship? Here, a person who truly believes in friendship and is destined to be with it all life long, will never have a definition for this. Probably he would say that the person writing this post, is a complete fool. Agreed, but from my experiences on friendship, i also will not be able to actually define it. But, there are some postulates or rules that are to be followed in such a decent and blessed relationships.

Be a true friend in which there should not be any misunderstandings. Now misunderstandings would actually take place when you are quite open to talk about any particular topic with your friend. If you find your friend doing something wrong, then you should be able to say whatever is the fault straight on the face.

Other protocol which should be maintained in the relationship is a belief. If you have such a thing that you actually can believe your friend more than yourself then this should be understandable from both the ends. The more you get tied in the relationship, the more stronger would be the tie. But due to some reasons when the nought start becoming loose, then it keeps on loosening and a day comes when actually there would not be a point of contact. Both the ends will be totally apart from each-other and will never come close again.

Friendship, my friends stands on two pillars, trust and belief. If you have it with your friends and are able to make these pillars strong, then you are actually a lucky person, love and trusted by someone.

 A final CHEERS to friendship.!

Its a god’s bliss, so go and snatch it!

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Success is dependent on two things – Fate and Fortune

There is a welknown proverb which everyone is aware about. “Fortune favours the brave”. So what will one do after reading this quote? Obviously, be brave and wait for the fortune to support. But, what if person fights bravely and dont succeed? Why has the fortune not supported him for the braveness? Here comes the role of the fate. Fate brings the person to the state where no one can interfere. Interference of fate in your life is important. Important to such an extent that even till the end, both, fortune and your hard work succeeds, but its not in your fate. You actually wont. So believe in both.

There is a wellknown hindi proverb, “Naseeb se zyada, aur taqdir se badhkar, na hi kisiko kuch mila hai aur na milega”.

Its true… Everthing in the end, depends upon the fate.

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2008-Its all about “May” and “Might”

To start of, “May” the year 2008 bring you the joy you ever had, success you could ever achieve, and all your “will” come true.

Buddies, the dates have changed, the pages have turned, so lets all rock and make the difference to the world to make it green and clean.

Let’s rock.

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