Benazir Bhutto Family Tree – Kindo !

Benazir Bhutto Family TreePakistan’s famous political figure Benazir Bhutto left us recently. Take a look at her family tree here courtesy Kindo


Enjoy other public celebrity trees too.


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Stages affect your life !

Each and everything in the world has a cycle which it has to go through. There are certain stages through which it has to pass. Likewise every person also has to pass through various stages of life. (Mind it, here i am not talking about the physical changes which a person goes through, but about imbibing certain things and certain changes in your innerselves.

A person carries a habbit of something during college days. He might have lived a different atmosphere but when he is shifting altogether in a new environment, he needs to change. He has to change according to the environment, or as per the wish of other people. Now here, i would like to question two things.

1) Should one change as per other people’s wish, even if he feels uncomfortable when people dont respect him?

2) Should one change because he wants to improve upon himself and lead a better life?

Guys here i have my own scenario, and i am feeling it difficult to figure out what actually should be the reason of change? prior to this, should i change? And if at all i am changing myself, to what extent? Extent, actually is important here. because, if a person is changing himself to the full extent, then he might lose the good qualities along with changing himself completely. Which actually i am losing.

I have noted, actually noted it quite closely i have been through this phase of change in couple of months back, but even after changing, i actually am gaining nothing. I am not able to speak bitter words, not able to give a sharp reply back, which i was able to previously, but instead, i am becoming a literal fool of myself. People didnt had guts to talk about my personal life previously, but now they have. I think i am landing myself in a pathetic situation. And, the situation is becoming so serious that if it persists for some amount of time, I would end up being a total introvert. When one gives respect to someone, he expects the same in return. This law is breaking for me. And if the chain loses or is torn apart, the rope tying to the nerves of my brain might get apart.

So, certain stages, do affect your life.

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Some Golden Rules of Friendship !

How do you define friendship? Here, a person who truly believes in friendship and is destined to be with it all life long, will never have a definition for this. Probably he would say that the person writing this post, is a complete fool. Agreed, but from my experiences on friendship, i also will not be able to actually define it. But, there are some postulates or rules that are to be followed in such a decent and blessed relationships.

Be a true friend in which there should not be any misunderstandings. Now misunderstandings would actually take place when you are quite open to talk about any particular topic with your friend. If you find your friend doing something wrong, then you should be able to say whatever is the fault straight on the face.

Other protocol which should be maintained in the relationship is a belief. If you have such a thing that you actually can believe your friend more than yourself then this should be understandable from both the ends. The more you get tied in the relationship, the more stronger would be the tie. But due to some reasons when the nought start becoming loose, then it keeps on loosening and a day comes when actually there would not be a point of contact. Both the ends will be totally apart from each-other and will never come close again.

Friendship, my friends stands on two pillars, trust and belief. If you have it with your friends and are able to make these pillars strong, then you are actually a lucky person, love and trusted by someone.

 A final CHEERS to friendship.!

Its a god’s bliss, so go and snatch it!

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Another low segment car to be launched !

After Mr. Ratan Naval Tata, its now the turn of yet another Chairperson Mr. Keshub Mahindra, chairman, Mahindra & Mahindra to launch yet another low segment car.

Now, again i would like to point out few points relating this two creations:

1) Which brand is more trusted?

2) Which brand has a better interior?

3) Which brand will give the better mileage?

4) Which brand has better looks?

Taking them one by one,

1) Which brand is more trusted?

 Now there are two categories of people in India. One category of them believe that Tata who actually owns even a tea bags made by them is more relying brand. Other category of people believe that as there is a foreign venture into Mahindra so with the luxury issues, advancement issues and mileage issues it might have an edge over ‘Nano’.

2) Which brand has better interior?

With the look and feel of mahindra cars and tata cars, one can guess which one will be better.

3) Which car will give better mileage?

Tata might have an edge over it.

4) Which brand has better looks?

Comparing the two models, Mahindra renault has built the car with more of a glass into its body. This might solve its profitability issue too. Because much of the price reduction might come from the less usage of the aluminium and plastic body into it, which actually has to undergo special denting process. While Tata Nano has a simple look but yes, looking at it, it seems to be a safer car to travel in.

 Well, these are the predictions and facts regarding these two cars, but lets see what the mass thinks about it and which make is actually going to boom the low segment.

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Not a Critic but a Fact !

There are recent talks going on for the latest and the cheapest car made available in the world now by Mr. Ratan Naval Tata. Well, the whole world might be thinking about the cheapest car that will be running on the road shortly.


Now here i would like to consider two issues:

1) Maintenance cost
2) Unavailability of proper infrastucture

1) Maintenance cost
This car has an engine on back side and a luggage space on the front side. Now the parts of the car might be different from the other tata makes. So will those parts be readily available to the customers? Will they charge more for the maintenance parts?

2) Unavailability of the proper infrastucture
Think about each and every person in India moving on a two wheeler on the road. Lets take an example of Delhi. So many traffice jams. So many accidents. So many time consuming signals. Now with a launch of such a cheaply available car, and with the increase in standard of living, we can see the scenario even getting worse. Lets take an example of people driving pulsar. Pulsar is available at a price of 70k to 80k. Now rather than purchasing pulsar, one could invest more and buy Nano, so just think that instead of no. of pulsars moving on the road, there will be cars moving. Do we have the infrastructure to support this kind of scenario?

Now does this question started revolving in your mind?

Credits- The image of the Tata Nano car has been uploaded from

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Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is sometimes called Semantic Web, a term coined by Tim Berners Lee, the man who first invented www.

 Web 2.0 came to describe almost any site, service, or technology that promoted sharing and collaboration right down to the Net’s grassroots as in blogs and wikis, tags and RSS feeds, and Flickr, My Space and You Tube. Web 3.0 will have 4 main features like a Semantic Web where a machine or robot can read a website or check our daily schedules; 3D Web-a virtual walk through unfamilier places without leaving one’s own seat; Media-centric searches understanding natural-lauguage queries or photos, and the Pervasive Web that’s everywhere-on your PC, on your cellphone, on your cloths, jewelry, your kitchen, bathroom and office. Microsoft and Google are moving to 3D.,, are offering simple prototypes. Web 3.0 is here for sure. But it has to be experienced.

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Success is dependent on two things – Fate and Fortune

There is a welknown proverb which everyone is aware about. “Fortune favours the brave”. So what will one do after reading this quote? Obviously, be brave and wait for the fortune to support. But, what if person fights bravely and dont succeed? Why has the fortune not supported him for the braveness? Here comes the role of the fate. Fate brings the person to the state where no one can interfere. Interference of fate in your life is important. Important to such an extent that even till the end, both, fortune and your hard work succeeds, but its not in your fate. You actually wont. So believe in both.

There is a wellknown hindi proverb, “Naseeb se zyada, aur taqdir se badhkar, na hi kisiko kuch mila hai aur na milega”.

Its true… Everthing in the end, depends upon the fate.

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